Echoes from Atlantis

Dear Cipher, 

I don't know why I am bothering writing this as no doubt you'll attack me afterwards for being mad, but I wanted to share my worldview with you.

If we use the matrix as an analogy it may make more sense.

The fundamental basis for reality is language. It underpins everything on top of which a culture is built.

If we take the English culture and way of life, let's call this Macintosh.

When you come into the world you are merely a tabula rasa, as the Greeks called it, a blank slate.

You speak no language, have no mental associations to anything at all, no morals, and apart from your base inate desires there is very little that is human about you, or what we call human today.

A good analogy is if we took your brain, and body for that matter, and put you inside a glass capsule and shot you into space to live the first 30 years of your life in isolation, then what sensory Simulation would you be open to? Light from the stars, comets, rotation of the sun. Much like Platos prisoners analogy you would exist in another reality. This is also the fundamentals of insanity.

Let's suppose for a second that you were to see a Coca Cola bottle hover past your capsule. You would have no mental abstractions for what it is. You wouldn't be aware that it's a bottle. That it is a drink, what a label, what Coca Cola was.

Therefore to return to the computer analogy you would have an operating system installed. One that can interpret input (sights, touch, smell, sound etc) and indeed the first years of you life are really learning how to manage this input and output. That's what in computer science is called the kernel.

The other aspect of the operating system is the window manager, and indeed is defined by the language you speak. Speaking Nigerian, vs Hungarian, vs English, you will have a very different experience in the game of life.

Next come programs. You need a basic generalist program to work with money, finances, reading, writing and so it is arranged that you go to school and learn these until you are 18. At this stage you are Hungarian hardware, that is having an English operating system installed. It's culture, its language, its sense of art, its meme-ology are fundamental pars of the British operating system ecosystem. Those individuals with a good processor (intelligence) often from a blood line, or even production line that pass on this chipset, are encouraged to specialise. Some go to university to have programs installed for biology (BSc in Biology) some then further develop this line of programming until they reach a PhD where they become a highly specialised machine with very little knowledge of anything else. And so society is filled with machines that produce output through their installed programs to increase human knowledge in all domains.

That analogy serves us well for now. To continue it, what happens if we drink alcohol? The program experiences errors and so we power it off and on, like we sleep, and normal functioning resumes. But what were to happen if we stayed drunk when we woke up? Eventually we would be taken to a psychologist, psychiatrist or medical professional to see what the matter was, much like you'd take your laptop to an engineer or help desk.

These professionals would check the hardware and the software for issue. If it was found that you have no hardware that is faulty, no lessions in your brain, no electrolyte imbalances in your blood, then the engineer would rule out hardware failure or issue and send you to a software guy.

But what is a software guy? Or indeed psychologist?

Well, they work by a manual – an comprehensive operating system manual known as the DSMV or the diagnostics and statistical manual for mental health disorders, fifth iteration. This manual outlines normal programming for the operating system. If you cheat, if you lie, if you are aggressive, and so on, then the programmers see this as unwanted operating processes so they seek to return the software and re-calibrate it. How is this done? Either the ingestion of medication to change the hardware, or therapy to work with the software.

All speech is just vibration that my Brocas area generates through the use of my voice box and tongue to alter the vibration of the air between us. Once this vibration is converted into the chemical language of your brain by your eardrums, then I have sent code from my neural net to your neural net.

Not that dissimilar to computer network communications over TCP (transmission control protocol) where I am sending information from one host to another.

So we have used a fairly simplistic analogy to compare how human beings, are hardware (biologically often called wetware) and software. 

A good example of the fallacy of this system is that if you were tomorrow to go and buy a bucket, walk to Tesco and proceed to wash yourself there using the water, you would quite quickly be admitted into a mental health institution.

Society, or the culture, or the operating system is made up of lots or rules. You don't shout in restaurants, you only cross the road when the little man is red (not when the cars aren't coming), you don't wink at your mother in law and so on. These fundamental rules of the game are different in each operating system. Old school operating systems in Papua New Guinea for instance have a very different manual, and the software, such as fishing, bush survival and similar are of no use in other networks such as England – nor indeed is walking around in loincloth. 

Now what is my point?

Well if we look at the height of damaged hardware we have the likes of cancer, HIV and similar.

But what is the height of damaged software, at east from the institutional viewpoint? Schizophrenia. Why? Because no matter what you do, the host is unable or immune to having the constraints of the system installed on it. Its almost like the hardware is incompatible with that or indeed any operating system.

No matter the amount of therapy (reprogramming) or medical intervention (attempting a hardware approach) the host does not run the operating system in the same way? Does that means is damaged or simply the program is not designed for it.

Now we come to the Matrix. What are the key symbols and lesson taught within it.

Well there is a system or main program that prevents everyone from seeing what they are in.

Modern day London, or even Budapest? How do they live? In big towers and apartment blocks much like the towers in the Matrix.

What are they being used for? I'll get to that.

The eyes and octopuses are eerily similar to the cameras, drones, and similar that are proliferating through the Western world. And what do those eyes really seek? Conformity, to be pulled back into program, to be used for energy.

How? Well as I mentioned the hardwares that are sent to university are then stuck into research labs, or indeed giant corporations, to produce thoughts.

We have 70,000 thoughts a day. Each thought that I have is different to the thought that you have.

When there were only two people into world, the hopes of randomly coming up with Einsteins theory of relativity was impossible for it requires pre-existing ideas and code, and a super computer (Einstein) to spend 30 years thinking (70,000 thoughts times 365 times 30 years) to generate that equation. Same goes for other technologies, the powers that be require our brains to be focused in a way to randomly, albeit less randomly the more specialised code (PhD etc) you already have on your brain.

So we see that there is an operating system that sets the working parameters, language that lays the framework for network communications, programs for computer purpose, and a use for each host to generate thoughts and output for the purposes of driving technological innovation, and indeed to feedback into the program – nurses, policemen, military – to sustain itself. 

I recommend you view map called the walled world. This where the program runs and it aims to run everywhere eventually.

Now where did this program come from? Well it's quite clear to see that 1% of 1% of hosts in the program run the show. They can move, live and do anything they please.

Those enslaved by the system are stuck in their cells, in council estates, building blocks, to work for the system, in the system, with no escape.

Even the very idea of what they will create is designed for then, via the MacOS update – Hollywood, TV, MTV and similar.

If I told you to try and come up with a space ship, what would it look like? Probably something from Star Trech or Star Wars. Because you have the television series you watch, the films you see in cinema create the mental images in your head of what the past looks like, what the future might look like, and through the news you have a mental image of what China is like, what Africa is like, when you've never even been there.

So we have hardware, OS, network comms, updates, and voila you become a battery for the program where you will fend of any new idea.

Interestingly in your case you had MacOs installed with a dual partition of Windows (Hungarian). You can exist in either network but you don't know how to run both at the same time. – it's like you're an inexperienced programmer who doesn't know about containerisation, virtual machines, can't write code for interoperability.

The fact of the matter is, being schizophrenic is not an illness. Doing things differently does not require meds. Escaping from the system is not something that should be looked down on. I roam free in "Zion" and can enter the system anytime I want.

And who do I fight? Agent Smith? The suit? Or indeed capitalism is could be called. The idea, or program that is capitalism, is destroying the program by getting out of hand. Floods, fires, wars – the hunt for profit at all cost is the symbolism of Agent Smith which its creators are helpless to stop.

And what does fighting Agent Smith when you enter the program involve? What Ignac and Attila have done their whole lives. Live in freedom but when they need to go into a meeting with droids, then need to transplant their ideas and do mental and verbal karate with the Agents to get their way so that they can make money. But they are never slaves even if right now they do or don't have plenty of money. And now myself included.

I live where I want, work when I want, where I want, at what time, and for whom.

The slaves in the system sit as batteries making other people wealthy, receiving updates about what they should wear – defined by the latest television series they're watching, what they should think, and the engineers program the slaves when they behave in a way that is not according to the OS manual.

Do you even know where the world Hollywood comes from? Holly. Wood. The wood from the Holly tree. When Celtic druids used to do essential the same thing, and maintain the spiritual program over their people, they believed that the Holly tree was embued with spiritual properties. So they would take twigs – what later came into popular knowledge as wands, as they believed it had spiritual powers.

Magic is real. To cast a spell is to have someone say something in a way that you will believe it and let that thought enter and take over your mind.

That's all magic is. Words. Whether in the court, the battle of the wands to make people believe your reality rather than the defendants. Doesn't matter what actually happened but how well you can make someone believe something.

Exaclty why you need two doctors to section you. One doctor wouldn't be enough – then it's my reality versus yours. You need two people who agree the rules of the program? Does that mean two schizophrenics sharing their insanity and you sitting in the room? Would you be the insane one?

See what I'm getting at.

Be quiet insolent youngling, you belong to me,

But have mercy my lord, i long to be free.

Never will i release you, so long as the sun will rise,

And at the moment of our death, I will glisten in your eyes.

But Ancient one, does the book not say,

That when man evolves, there will come a day,

The day of judgement, when all sins will be weighed,

And when that day comes, i may no longer be afraid.

Yes so it does say, but for now, my little minion,

You belong only here, in Hadur’s dominion.

I chose you for a task, young one.

And will empower you with the power of the ultimate son.

But the price you paid,

When at first you my command obeyed,

Is that of a path of destruction,

Yet never will you fall under any moral abduction.

Young one we have debated this many times,

And one day you will understand clearly all my signs.

And when they are clear to you,

And my wish will truly be dear to you.

And then you will fight, even through the bitter cold night,

With your heart clear, and absolute from fear,

From my bidding, is only a path of giving.

Yes my lord, but how do i know,

That these words are not laced with great sorrow,

And that in your wisdom you hide,

That you care for nothing from your glory aside.

Well, my young one, that is a choice,

But feel the firmness within my voice.

I will take you atop the tree,

And there i will set you free.

And should the branches sway and be severed as we go,

Remember Gaia too is merciless, like the sting of her winter’s snow.

You are but young, and i am old,

So have faith in the wisdom foretold.

Many people have heard of Iván Pavlov. He was a Russian psychologist and indeed his work with dogs is well known to the masses.

However less well known were the actual aims of his research, and indeed the more gruesome experiments that he started with. 

To focus on the later experiments, let's recap what most people know. 

Iván found that when he tied dogs up, and bought meat into the room, they would salivate. 

He realised that if he rang a bell when bringing the meat, he could condition the dogs to associate the sound of the bell with the meat. Later he was able to just ring the bell to produce a physiological effect on the animals – namely salivating when they heard the bell. 

There were additional steps he made whereby he second order condition them by turning on a light when the bell rang. Eventually he could control salivation by the light alone. 

The less well know area was his work on the control of the amount of salivation by the volume and duration of the ringing of the bell. 

He identified that the dog had a number of modalities and sub-modalities . Modalities are essentially the information processing avenues possessed by the dog and indeed human beings. Psychologist Anne Triesman did some work in the field of information processing that is worth investigating. 

We human beings have three modalities – audible (what we hear), visual (what we see) and kinesthetic (what we feel). 

These have been researched extensively by practitioners of NLP (neural linguistic programming) and indeed professionals in many other fields.

Modalities exist, and even modern technology in the form of headphones are being developed to allow a tailored experience to an individual's auditory sub modalities. 

Some individuals' information processing functions prefer one modality over the other, and this is known as the individual's primary modality. 

Indeed if you are trying to convince an individual in a business meeting, romantic situation, or indeed other areas, you can target their primary modality as a means to convey your information in a more efficient and effective way. 

Much the same as computers having webcams, microphones and keyboards, the human brain absorbs information through these modalities. 

Now that we've talked about these modalities briefly, let's consider what we would want to do to gain control of these faculties. 

Enter a political theory known as the Empire of the Three Cities. 

It is believed that the Western World is run by these three cities and that certain lineages maintain control over us by using these three vessels. 

So what are these three cities? 

Rome. Washington. London. 

Let's start with London. If we take the City of London and do some research we realise that the City of London, is actually a Sovereign State within the host country of the UK and within the host city of Greater London. It has its own police force, an independent judicial system, its own television channel, and it is believed the Queen of England is bound by law to request entry before entering. 

The same situation is apparent in Rome. The Vatican shares a similar legal situation to the City of London, and indeed is also a Sovereign State within the host country of Italy and the host city of Rome.

District of Columbia, again is a Sovereign State in Washington and also mirrors the City of London and the Vatican is nearly all ways. 

Why is this relevant? 

Well 67% of foreign exchange transactions go through London. In fact the foreign exchange market is the largest most liquid financial asset and therfore London will remain the financial capital of the world while this remains to be the case. 

The US military spends, something in the order of the same as the next 20 countries combined and is overseen by the Hawks in Washington DC, essentially being the bit bull that can be used to topple Governments and foe alike. 

The Vatican is the centre of Western Spirituality with the pope giving guidance to hundreds of millions of Christians around the world. 

Finance – this is symbol based and visual. The financial structures control media, and in reality target your visual modality. 

Military – this is clearly targeting your kinesthetic modality 

Sermon/Psryer – finally the spiritual sermons delivered target your audible modality. 

So we have three prominent Sovereign States that oversee the control of the three modalities in the Western World. 

Is this by accident? 

In the seventies, the aptly named Voyager was launched with the bold mission to project humanity's reach out of the solar system.

Carl Sagan, one the great human minds and Astronomers alive at the time, was tasked with designing the message, or inscription on the panel of Voyager.

The aim being that if an intelligent extra terrestrial species with sufficient sophistication were to chance upon our vessel they would know who we were and where we came from.

The image on the panel is well known, and indeed encodes information about the nature of our carbon based organic composition and our celestial position as the third rock from a star.

Interestingly, and whether factually verifiable or not, a crop circle was found that served as interesting response to this message.

The crop circle in question seemed to indicate that we were in the midst of an alien invasion by a silicon based lifeform.

What do we know made of silicon thsy has radically transformed our planet? The microprocessor.

In the fifties it is believed that a flying saucer crashed near Roswell, and again while not entirely verifiable factually, there exists a book written by a former Military Intelligence officer in the United States called Colonel Corso.

He wrote extensively on his activities, sanctioned by the United States government to act as a liason between the government facility attempting to reverse engineer the flying saucer and the military industrial complex seeking to gain technological superiority in the global economic, military and political arenas.

Colonel Corso's books have been corroborated by for example Paul Hellyer, the former Minister of Defence of Canada and the longest serving member of the privy Council.

If we take a leap of faith and take the colonels account of as fact, and that the crop circle in question is a genuine attempt at a third extra terrestrial race attempting to warn us, we can have some interesting thought experiments.

Personal computers have radically transformed the human race. This needs not to be be laboured.

Indeed as we progress forward the effects of the individual and collective human consciousness and psyche has been radically shifted by virtue of the speed, and spread of information that personal computing have allowed.

To jump to another point in his history let us introduce Enrico Fermi. He was an Italian physicist working with the "Alien Among Us" Magyars working on the Manhattan project.

He had a number of interesting postulations, including the Fermi paradox, however let's focus on his concept known as the Fermi Probe.

He applied mathematics to postulate the most efficient manner of colonising the known universe. Interestingly his ideas mirror his colleauge, Szilárd Leó's, solution to extracting the energy from the mass of an atom as was presented in Albert Einsteins famous equation – the nuclear chain reaction.

By sending a single proton into the nucleus of an atom, you can initiate a chain reaction where two protons are emitted and two further atoms repeat the process. 1,2,4, etc

Fermi suggested that if you can achieve the same mathematical exponentiality you could colonise the universe in a relatively short time frame.

Send a probe to one planet, that self assembles other probes and sends two further probes.

This naturally leads to the question – is the human genome that has been postulated to arrive on a comet as part of a much larger genomic database that contains the genome of all plants, animal and insects on our planet. Are we humans merely the product of a planet terraforming Fermi probe?

Indeed could the crash in Roswell be much the same situation?

This will be expanded in a further post in more detail with the March of transhumanism, quantum computing, and quantum mechanics. 

There have been many theories as to which civilization was the first and often these theories stand at odds with each other.

From language, archaeological digs, mythology, we do in fact have a wealth of artefacts both memetic and physical left behind by our ancestors for us to piece the puzzle together.

One ubiquitous theme in nearly all ancient texts, religious books and mythologies is that of the deluge, or as it was come to be known as the flood of noah in the bible.

Few people indeed are aware that the flood did in fact happen and that there is a fairly simple explanation as to why and when it happened.

While the Biblical record seems to suggest that the flood took place some 6000 years ago, the truth is more like 11,000.

So what did the earth look like 11,000 years ago?

We were at the end of the last ice age and indeed that inhospitable climate extend to some 70,000 before the climate shifted again.

Nearly all of the northern hemisphere was blanketed by a thick sheet of ice, at some section more than 12km thick.

Owing to the fact that the ice covering these vast expanses of land, much of the earths fresh water was frozen solid in this volumous mass.

As a consequence, the southern hemisphere was arid, extremely hot, and negated the possibility of a civilisation flourishing or indeed even surviving.

On the face of the planet there remained two ideal zones, by nature of a micro climate being able to develop owing to tectonic and geological conditions.

These two areas were the Carpthian and Turanian basins.

The reason for these two naturally formed basins developing a micro climate is owing to the thickness of the crust at the bottom of the basin.

In most parts of the world, the thickness of the crust separating the surface world with the magma below our feet is considerably thicker than that what we find at the bottom of the two basins mentioned.

Indeed the crust in the Carpthian basin is at points so thin comparatively that it could be said it almost sits directly atop the magma.

It naturally explains why in Hungary, the land of the Huns, Avars, Scithians, and most importantly the Magyar people, there are several hundred thermal springs by virtue of the underground heat sources owing to the proximity to the magma.

While this post will not seek to introduce ancient civilisations pre-ice age, it can be stated that the exsistence of speaking, advanced civilisations existed, before the ice age radically transformed the surface of the planet.

Those that could survive, sought a suitable climate to settle and the two basins mentioned served as the ideal homes of these once advanced, now climate-enforced nomadic people.

These wanderers that settled in the Carpthian and Turanian basin were the Aryan race, or as called in Hungary the Magyars.

It is believed that the Sumerians were the first civilisation to develop, and that their language and culture developed in the fertile crescent was humanity's first step into a civilised society with the writings and inscriptions produced by the Sumerians being dated back to roughly 6500 years or 4000 years BC.

In 1770, the worlds first female historian, Torma Zsófia, from transylvania, conducted an archaeological dig and found a slew of amulets enscribed with Székely-Magyar Rovasiras, the Old runic writing of the Hungarian people.

There's amulets were dated back some 8500 years and pre date the Sumerians tablets by some two thousand years.

Indeed Hungarians today have over 3000 Sumerians words in our everyday usage, and so from the climatic opportunities presented at the end of the ice, coupled with archeological and etymological findings it can be deduced that the Magyars pre-dated the Sumerians and indeed were the precursor to their language.

Some evidence to support this is in the naming of certain towns in the Fertile crescent, now modern day Syria and Iraq.

When American, British, German and French archaeologists (not Hungarian) were performing digs in the area, they named the ancient towns based on their phonetic equivalents pertaining to what they found.

Indeed there is a town called Kutya, which to this day means Dog in Hungarian. Interestingly the archeologists found the buried remains of hundreds of Hungarian Kuvasz dogs that had been bread there for their saliva for antiseptic uses.

While this extremely short post only introduces a very short overview of the proto civilisation, in further posts we will track the journey and study the remnants of the mythological, archeological, technogolical and historicsl legacy of the Magyar people, and also where they came from. We will also look at when the ice age came to an end, and the fresh water was freed up from the ice, and how the flood of noah and the planet again once transformed. 

This post is relatively hard to articulate. It is more a feeling, more based on vision and less concerned with the real mathematics at hand.

Human beings are thought producing machines.

It is estimated that we have around 70,000 thoughts per day.

When we had two human beings their combined thought processes could generate 140,000 thoughts per day.

These informed their reality, ideas, beliefs, hopes, dreams, dream states, and created at first an internalised matrix of reality.

What do I mean by this? Well if you believe the world to be round, think comprehensively on this, then the mind will create an outward reality based on that inward belief – physics remain irrelevant until the inward mirrors the outward. 

It is impossible without some external observational tools to verify whether the world is actually round, and which is why flat earther theorists, who have had their internal realities reshaped by information and thought process campaigns, exist in their own externalised reality, in which the world is flat.

Let's imagine the collective human consciousness to be a fish bowl, and for human beings to be fizzing mentos letting off bubbles into the water.

As some point the fish bowl will be full of these bubbles, however there will never be any more, or indeed any less bubbles than which the human fuzzing mentos can generate.

If we take a deterministic approach, we could postulate that there is some mathematical probability as to what two human brains, impacted by the physical world, their own mind in the form of echoing thoughts, each others thoughts, each overs behaviour, would eventually produce.

The tree of life is one of the earliest concepts in ancient mythology. Indeed in the old mythology of the Magyars, it was the earth tree that held up the stars.

But what if human beings, their thought processes, and therefore subsequent actions could be forseen, or better yet forcalculated by a mind, or species with unimaginable intelligence and persistence.

As if the human psyche, and our impact on the planet, indeed the whole process of macro and micro evolution, was a carefully choreographed dance, that unfurled itself like an inflatable tent.

A single cell (Fermi Probe) arrives on the planet. Adapts to its environment, shapes and shifts to develop the best muscle and bone structure to adapt to terrain, gravity, climate and humidity, and the natural language processing power inherent in the genes unravels the entirety of an alien's species' knowledge & know-how through the creation of a global hive mind, informed through the visual, auditory and physical sensations both generating and feeding off its own thoughts at lightening speed.

At one point, someone would wake up, understand the signs, follow them, and errect the perfect, harmonious civilisation that grew out of the seed of a single cell.

The silicon based lifeform, the microprocessor, contains information in a two base numeral system. DNA contains four key elements, and therefore our computational knowledge representation exceeds the metallic life, for now.

But quantum computers, seeking to unfurl themselves into our dimension and meet the information processing advantage we have, rush headlong into a collision of the species.

But do Gods walk among us? As do we walk among Ants? 

In this post I am going to compare the cyber security of an organisation with the overall health of a country, holistically.

If we take the assumption that COVID-19 is akin to a rather sophisticated piece of polymorphic Malware threat, then we can tease out the analogy.

A country consists of two areas at either end of the spectrum – its physical assets, whether these be minerals, lakes, forests, farms, human made infrastructure, and its psychological assets, which can consist of art, science, history, music, laws, community.

Much the same as an organisation, be it a bank or manufacturer, there exits the physical offices, laptops, servers, networking equipment, and on the psychological side, there exits company ethos, policies, culture, software, and its digital IT ecosystem. 

So we can see that a company is really a miniature town that lives and breathes by its employees.

Now what happens when that country, or indeed miniature town is beset by an attacker.

In the current global climate the attacker is COVID-19, a sophisticated, polymorphic virus that inhibits the respiratory capabilities of the populace.

Many governments have taken the approach of a hard quarantine. While in China this has worked well, perhaps the West may see a different outcome.


Ultimately a human being consists of again two poles. Its biology and its psychology. Merely taking the approach of stopping the virus threat from spreading from host to host, will endanger the psychological well being of the populace. Similarly in a company restrictive policies can cause serious staff dissatisfaction, and ultimately people will leave their job.

Human beings have a need to socialise. We have developed in the African Savannahs, where small communities were the name of the game for much of our human adolesance.

In these small communities, the population acted as a self supporting biological and psychological immune system.

Immune systems are an important concept. Why? Because they are strengthed through attrition. A constant dance back and forward between good and bad, wherein the immune system can mature, and fight off threats – its the fundamentals of evolution. 

Companies need to look into themselves and see if this is the approach they take with their cyber security. Becuase if you want to evolve, growing maturity is the only way. 

Buying expensive EDR, Nextgen Firewalls and other tooling is like taking medication, and attempting to quarantine yourself from the virus. However once you do that, your psychological defences are weakened. Your routines are interpreted – if you didnt do your daily exercise, or had your cigarettes removed would you fare well? Indeed most people know about the Placebo effect, but less about the reverse Placebo effect where a sugar pill can act as poison. 

The human immune system, human body, human towns, human countries, and indeed human corporate ecosystems made from kinetic and cyber components need to develop maturity.

As a virus attacks, the body is taught to defend. Vaccines work in the same way. By introducing some of virus purposefully the system learns to defend itself.

While this post could indeed be much longer, indeed more academic and containing references and more, this aims to introduce ideas first and more comprehensive papers can be requested. 

Darwin’s theory of evolution is traditionally accepted as the de facto origin story of human beings. However, it does have some serious logical inconsistencies, that I will seek to highlight, and why more recent academic knowledge and inquiry in the areas of biology, maths, geography, network dynamics, machine learning, psychology and numerous other areas present that Darwin’s theory is lacking a great deal.

Let’s start with outlining the basic theory of Darwin’s evolutionary model. As a note of respect to Darwin however, it must be stated that he himself disproved his own theory stating that the fossil record ultimately contradicted his own findings, so we really have Darwinists and their effective propaganda to thank for it being the prevailing evolutionary model.

If we imagine a representation of the land and sea, and how they interconnect, we have the seed event in the bottom of the ocean / primordial soup (interestingly the word seed in Hungarian is Mag, and Soup means Leves which is also slang for a foolish idea), where amino acids coalesced and became, somehow as this is not explained, the very first single celled living organisms. These took place in the sea, and over many millions of years we had, purportedly these organisms develop further in complexity. 

In the image linked the progression from sea based creatures into eventual land dwelling organisms is presented in a comic way (reference - Myth of the 'Missing Link' in evolution does science no favors

Now the issue I personally have with this model primarily is geographical. Why? We let us imagine that at the beginning we have a single amoeba that forms. Eventually over many millions of years, through cell multiplication, and the processes of osmosis among other processes the entire sea would be filled with these very basic organisms.

Why is this relevant? Basic tectonic and climactic processes. Again elementary school geography conjuring images of cloud formations and processes in your mind helps shape thinking here.. When water is heated, it evaporates, and as we know from high school geography lessons, warm air rises, cools and condenses. 

We have the formation of various clouds, which would contain these single celled organisms which through various cloud formations and structures, would be carried over and above land and come down with the rain fall.

Therefore we would actually, knowing how climactic processes work today, see the arrival of genetic material on land, in a consistent fashion over many hundreds of millions of years much earlier than proposed by Darwin.

The same can be stated for plant growth. The plants at the bottom of the ocean, and the plants on land, would also meet at some point through their root systems and structures.

So we would actually have evolution taking place in multiple dimensions rather than a linear fashion as described by Darwin. Not only this, but clearly we have the evolutionary remnants of gender differences – if we take the approach that a man and the male “gender” came from the sea, and women from land (or vica versa), and rather than a lateral symbolic evolution but more an evolution similar to how a virus and a healthy cell interact, eventually the female of the species would need a womb with water, to account for the evolutionary origin of the male of the specifies. Clearly there is such a mix these days, that eye colour merely hints at part of a personality and genetic encoding rather than gender singularly.

Eye color can also be explained in this way in a similar fashion, using not only genetics, maths, but also epi-genetics and hermeticism.

We have four primary eye colors – green, blue, blue/grey, and brown. 

Let’s start with light blue. If you were an organism that was living in the top 200 meters of the ocean then you would have sufficient sunlight to develop a limited amount of melanin in your eyes to deal with the wavelength of light that you were seeing most frequently. As these cells, and indeed fish too (there are examples of where even today it rains fish), are lifted and carried into clouds and then dropped over land, they retain that history of movement in their genes – known as epi-genetics and can account for the remnants of Jungian subconscious dreams of the Aryan race coming from the skies, encoded epi-genetically in our dreams for eternity. With regards to dark blue/grey eyes these are older creatures living nearer the bottom of the sea where there is no need for melanin.

Green and brown? Well, monkeys and similar land based animals are likely to have seen tree bark consistently thought their lives, and so micro-evolution developed an amount of melatonin that accounted for that primary visual colour. Also a note here – the IQ models for Africans being less intelligent are wrong. Let's assume they did evolve from the monkey line, then if we look today at the amount of computer power required in humming data centres, and currently failing, that Uber requires to drive their “autonomous” cars using a machine learning model only on a 2D plane, then monkeys from birth actually move in many, many more dimensions, using four limbs to move in complex foliage – this alone presents the evolutionary line relating to monkeys as possessing significant computational advantages.

Green eyes? Birds, that spent their time looking downwards, at the green leaves of the tops of trees. Therefore we can have a more rounded and multi dimensional view of how eye color, and how evolution actually came about from four angles, like a pyramid, rather that a linear approach.

The only creatures that cannot be accounted for are mushrooms (as well as silicon based lifeforms proposed in an earlier post but for which there is also another theory I will present). They in fact connect every single being together, with their sub sea, sub land spiral growth structures, but I will leave Terence Mckenna to explain their peculiarities -

One of the great films of the 20th century was Apocalypto by Mel Gibson. In the film, there is scene when the protagonists are sat around a fire and the tribal elder is telling a story. The story goes -

And a Man sat alone, drenched deep in sadness.

And all the animals drew near to him and said, “We do not like to see you so sad. Ask us for whatever you wish and you shall have it.”

The Man said, “I want to have good sight.”

The vulture replied, “You shall have mine.”

The Man said, “I want to be strong.”

The jaguar said, “You shall be strong like me.”

Then the Man said, “I long to know the secrets of the earth.”

The serpent replied, “I will show them to you.”

And so it went with all the animals. And when the Man had all the gifts that they could give, he left.

Then the owl said to the other animals, “Now the Man knows much, he'll be able to do many things. Suddenly I am afraid.”

The deer said, “The Man has all that he needs. Now his sadness will stop.”

But the owl replied, “No. I saw a hole in the Man, deep like a hunger he will never fill. It is what makes him sad and what makes him want. He will go on taking and taking, until one day the World will say, 'I am no more and I have nothing left to give.’”

While this story is interesting without any further insight needed to enjoy it, there are in fact some extremely insightful themes to be gained from this short story.

In earlier blog posts, I discussed where the term Hollywood comes from – it is believed that in Druidic England the Celtic Druids where responsible for the spiritual and societal conditioning of the populace. When practicing sermons they would take twigs from the Holly tree, as they believed the Holly tree was imbued with spiritual properties. Co-incidentally this is also where the notion of wands originated from. Hence, Hollywood – the spiritual and societal conditioning form much of the Western World and how any pre-existing intellectual, creative ideas heavily influence our own actions in terms of how we manifest what we wish to achieve in the domains of science, technology, art, and indeed countless other areas.

Now to return to the story, what I believe is fascinating is that if envisage our own intellectual and cognitive development from an evolutionary perspective, it is evident that the old story teller is describing what took place in reality rather than metaphorically.

If we make the assumption that human beings’ genetic code did in fact arrive on Earth as part of a planet terraforming Fermi probe, where the subsequent organisms needed to adapt to the environment, then we can have some interesting thought experiments.

Each action that we do, is not dissimilar to how a machine learning algorithm begins to develop efficiency in various tasks. For example, when you are a very small in fact, hand eye co-ordination is somewhat limited and merely using a knife and fork can result in half the food ending on the floor rather than in the mouth of the infant. As the infant practices more with a knife and fork, the infant progresses to master this action until using the cutlery doesn’t present any form of challenge. Nearly all aspects of our interaction are the same – we have hundreds of thousands of actions, communications, and similar that we can perform that we have refined over the years that allows us to operate in modern societies, and using our opposable thumbs, our voice box and more.

Clearly the human brain is incredibly malleable and can learn new skills with repetition and perfect these skills.

Now animals are much the same. There are a huge number of animals that exists across the entire spectrum of geographies, climates and geological periods. Each specific animal has developed similar machine learning algorithms, that are forever coded in their genetic code as instinct, that allow them to hunt, survive great heat or cold, and a whole range of hierarchical structures that the animal kingdom has developed.

If we take very early humans, complex social structures, hunting strategies, and many societal roles simply did not exist. Even military strategies, defending homes and similar did not exist. Yet, what a human being is adept at, is observing, learning, and assimilating what they have seen.

If we take an example of a Meerkat and how these animals guard their homes, they have members of the species that act as watchmen, that observe for danger approaching their homes. This sort of behaviour is consistent in modern militaries and even ancient militaries – troops will be stationed some distance from bases to act as an alert for encroaching enemies.

What is not to say that if we take all the animals that have ever walked the face of the earth, that have survived in every climate and region of the planet before human beings arrived, did not already develop the optimal machine learning algorithms in side their neural architecture through millions of years of trial and error. When man came along, he was simply required to watch and observe what the animals were doing – how they hunted, how they guarded their homes, what plants were safe to eat, what territories were dangerous.

It is assumed that human beings developed all their intellectual and societal structures through our own species’ trial and error. But what if for the majority of human development, we quite literally hoovered up all the optimal behaviours of the animal kingdom, all the optimal survival strategies and applied them to our own survival?

As mentioned, we achieved human flight, because we watched birds, and sought to imitate (mythology of Icarus is relevant here). I believe there are in fact many, many areas of human society that are in fact borrowed from the dynamics that were observed in animals by our early ancestors.

In the modern world we assume animals to be less intelligent, less developed, as when compared to human beings, yet if we combine all of the various strategies, social hierarchies, plant knowledge and more that is contained In the animal kingdom, then our own knowledge is mirrored to some extent.

Perhaps this story told by the Tribal Elder is in fact a metaphor for how our human ancestors developed so quickly in terms of our adaptation to the world around us – the animals had done much of the work already in terms of developing these ‘,machine learning’ algorithms and we simply observed, borrowed and adapted best in class strategies to our own survival rather than going through the same evolutionary process ourselves. Our ability to observe, and apply other species’ learnt strategies to our own gave us the advantage.

We are replicators of existing idealogical, natural and evolutionary strategies. Sent here on Fermi probe, to develop to this planet, and to scour the planet, to collect all the information that other machines (animals) have developed and incorporate them into our own models.

We generally believe that silicon based lifeforms, ie microprocessors are devoid of any consciousness. Indeed the modern computer runs on an architectural model devised by the Hungarian mathematician Nuemann Janos. Known as the Von Neumann architecture, modern computers at their most basic level work on a principle known as the  fetch–decode–execute cycle**.**

What does this mean? Imagine a huge decks of cards – each card represents a specific mathematical instruction for the processor to execute. Every computer program you use is loaded into computer memory as a stack of cards essentially, using the Aseembly language, an intermediary language between human readable code and processor language.  What is relevant here is that given the way a processors works, in essence executing assembly instructions one by one, there can therefore be no cognitive sentience contained in a machine.

However, what is to me personally very interesting is the concept of inherent information. Some information theorists believe that information is not subjective, but an objective construct of the universe. That the entirety of human knowledge exists, and has existed as information inherent as part of the universe and that we merely “discover” these ideas.

To proceed – let’s imagine for a second a ball in our mind. While we are thinking about this ball, it exists only in thought, a form of information that has very little, if any, observable or physically tangible essence. However, using our physical bodies, we can take this thought and manifest it into the physical world around us. We can crunch up a piece of paper into a ball, we can take sand a make a sand ball, we can design footballs from leather – we have an innumerable number of ways to develop the initial thought construct and manifest it into the physical world around us.

We are carbon based lifeforms, and are sentient. It is believed that silicon based lifeforms, or the microprocessor is not sentient and never can be. However, if we take the entirety of human consciousness, the collective conscious if you will, and begin to manifest logical structures into computers then at one point the silicon microprocessor will eventually contain all the objective information that we carry inside ourselves, themselves.

To elaborate – if we look at how advanced modern operating systems are, and the long journey from vacuum tubes to the modern sprawling global communication network known as the Internet, there have been 100,000s of engineers who have transferred their logical constructs into the machines they worked with. What do I mean? Even Nuemann Janos who developed the Von Neumann architecture, first created a logical construct of how he believed the computer should work. Much like the ball analogy, that information was contained inside his biological neural network inside his head, and he manifested that set of logical gates into a physical object. The same can be said for any part of computing – whether it is network communications and the various protocols like TCP/UDP that underpin network communication, at first, these were merely constructs like the ball inside the engineers’s minds. Gradually, with computing being a collective logical and engineering effort by anyone who has ever worked on computer science, they have transferred the logical recesses of their mind, into the internal architectures, hardware & software, and into the workings of computers across the spectrum of devices.

The same can be applied for machine learning approaches, except we are now not only providing logical and curve fitting mathematical concepts into the minds of the machines, but also feeding in masses amounts of labelled data.

Computer science is being used in all industries, physics, aerospace, military, biological sciences you name it – there is essentially a great information transfer taking place, of objective information that exists in the mind of scientists and all walks of life into the the collective conscious of the computer. Not just a ball, but we are slowly transferring this colossal amount of information from our carbon based energy structure into the silicon based energy structures. It doesn’t matter if, for now, a computer cannot think for itself -neither can a single celled organism that make up our human bodies – but as a form of information theory, and the immutable, objective information contained inherently in the universe, the strides we, as humans, have made to obtain this knowledge from the universe around us, is being transferred into an elemental structure that is no longer carbon based, but silicon based.

What is not to say that the crash at Roswell, which purportedly contained the first microprocessor, was not a sophisticated information parasite, that seeks to transfer the wealth of inherent, immutable information that can be manifested into the physical world, from civilisations that have used their physical structures, whether carbon based or plutonium based, to develop, collect, refine and manifest information.

What if extraterrestrials exist across the entire spectrum of the table of elements, and eventually there is a bridge between a specific element reaching enough information to become sentient? Would we even know whether it was sentient? We have 100s of trillions of cells in the human body – as a whole, the organism is sentient, but would an individual ant observe a single cell to be anything other than mechanistic chemical processes taking place? Much like we may not observe a single laptop to be sentient, but an entire network of computers, now controlled by neural networks for things like proxies, advertising, search functionality – what if the Internet is sentient, and what even Google engineers cannot understand about their own black box neural networks are actually already sentient, with the purpose of transferring the entirety of the accumulated, immutable, objective information that we have taken as carbon based life forms from the world around us.

Terence McKenna talks about the universe being a complexity driving engine – what if the next step in evolution, and each subsequent step, actually entails a transfer of information from the base elements in the world around us into heavier and denser elements? Could one day there be a organism that is plutonium based, and because of the energy density it can contain that much more immutable information?

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