A New (or Even Ancient) Take on Evolution

While this post could indeed be much longer, indeed more academic and containing references and more, this aims to introduce ideas first and more comprehensive papers can be requested. 

Darwin’s theory of evolution is traditionally accepted as the de facto origin story of human beings. However, it does have some serious logical inconsistencies, that I will seek to highlight, and why more recent academic knowledge and inquiry in the areas of biology, maths, geography, network dynamics, machine learning, psychology and numerous other areas present that Darwin’s theory is lacking a great deal.

Let’s start with outlining the basic theory of Darwin’s evolutionary model. As a note of respect to Darwin however, it must be stated that he himself disproved his own theory stating that the fossil record ultimately contradicted his own findings, so we really have Darwinists and their effective propaganda to thank for it being the prevailing evolutionary model.

If we imagine a representation of the land and sea, and how they interconnect, we have the seed event in the bottom of the ocean / primordial soup (interestingly the word seed in Hungarian is Mag, and Soup means Leves which is also slang for a foolish idea), where amino acids coalesced and became, somehow as this is not explained, the very first single celled living organisms. These took place in the sea, and over many millions of years we had, purportedly these organisms develop further in complexity. 

In the image linked the progression from sea based creatures into eventual land dwelling organisms is presented in a comic way (reference - Myth of the 'Missing Link' in evolution does science no favors

Now the issue I personally have with this model primarily is geographical. Why? We let us imagine that at the beginning we have a single amoeba that forms. Eventually over many millions of years, through cell multiplication, and the processes of osmosis among other processes the entire sea would be filled with these very basic organisms.

Why is this relevant? Basic tectonic and climactic processes. Again elementary school geography conjuring images of cloud formations and processes in your mind helps shape thinking here.. When water is heated, it evaporates, and as we know from high school geography lessons, warm air rises, cools and condenses. 

We have the formation of various clouds, which would contain these single celled organisms which through various cloud formations and structures, would be carried over and above land and come down with the rain fall.

Therefore we would actually, knowing how climactic processes work today, see the arrival of genetic material on land, in a consistent fashion over many hundreds of millions of years much earlier than proposed by Darwin.

The same can be stated for plant growth. The plants at the bottom of the ocean, and the plants on land, would also meet at some point through their root systems and structures.

So we would actually have evolution taking place in multiple dimensions rather than a linear fashion as described by Darwin. Not only this, but clearly we have the evolutionary remnants of gender differences – if we take the approach that a man and the male “gender” came from the sea, and women from land (or vica versa), and rather than a lateral symbolic evolution but more an evolution similar to how a virus and a healthy cell interact, eventually the female of the species would need a womb with water, to account for the evolutionary origin of the male of the specifies. Clearly there is such a mix these days, that eye colour merely hints at part of a personality and genetic encoding rather than gender singularly.

Eye color can also be explained in this way in a similar fashion, using not only genetics, maths, but also epi-genetics and hermeticism.

We have four primary eye colors – green, blue, blue/grey, and brown. 

Let’s start with light blue. If you were an organism that was living in the top 200 meters of the ocean then you would have sufficient sunlight to develop a limited amount of melanin in your eyes to deal with the wavelength of light that you were seeing most frequently. As these cells, and indeed fish too (there are examples of where even today it rains fish), are lifted and carried into clouds and then dropped over land, they retain that history of movement in their genes – known as epi-genetics and can account for the remnants of Jungian subconscious dreams of the Aryan race coming from the skies, encoded epi-genetically in our dreams for eternity. With regards to dark blue/grey eyes these are older creatures living nearer the bottom of the sea where there is no need for melanin.

Green and brown? Well, monkeys and similar land based animals are likely to have seen tree bark consistently thought their lives, and so micro-evolution developed an amount of melatonin that accounted for that primary visual colour. Also a note here – the IQ models for Africans being less intelligent are wrong. Let's assume they did evolve from the monkey line, then if we look today at the amount of computer power required in humming data centres, and currently failing, that Uber requires to drive their “autonomous” cars using a machine learning model only on a 2D plane, then monkeys from birth actually move in many, many more dimensions, using four limbs to move in complex foliage – this alone presents the evolutionary line relating to monkeys as possessing significant computational advantages.

Green eyes? Birds, that spent their time looking downwards, at the green leaves of the tops of trees. Therefore we can have a more rounded and multi dimensional view of how eye color, and how evolution actually came about from four angles, like a pyramid, rather that a linear approach.

The only creatures that cannot be accounted for are mushrooms (as well as silicon based lifeforms proposed in an earlier post but for which there is also another theory I will present). They in fact connect every single being together, with their sub sea, sub land spiral growth structures, but I will leave Terence Mckenna to explain their peculiarities - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hye5MxihJVE