Collective Consciousness and Maths

This post is relatively hard to articulate. It is more a feeling, more based on vision and less concerned with the real mathematics at hand.

Human beings are thought producing machines.

It is estimated that we have around 70,000 thoughts per day.

When we had two human beings their combined thought processes could generate 140,000 thoughts per day.

These informed their reality, ideas, beliefs, hopes, dreams, dream states, and created at first an internalised matrix of reality.

What do I mean by this? Well if you believe the world to be round, think comprehensively on this, then the mind will create an outward reality based on that inward belief – physics remain irrelevant until the inward mirrors the outward. 

It is impossible without some external observational tools to verify whether the world is actually round, and which is why flat earther theorists, who have had their internal realities reshaped by information and thought process campaigns, exist in their own externalised reality, in which the world is flat.

Let's imagine the collective human consciousness to be a fish bowl, and for human beings to be fizzing mentos letting off bubbles into the water.

As some point the fish bowl will be full of these bubbles, however there will never be any more, or indeed any less bubbles than which the human fuzzing mentos can generate.

If we take a deterministic approach, we could postulate that there is some mathematical probability as to what two human brains, impacted by the physical world, their own mind in the form of echoing thoughts, each others thoughts, each overs behaviour, would eventually produce.

The tree of life is one of the earliest concepts in ancient mythology. Indeed in the old mythology of the Magyars, it was the earth tree that held up the stars.

But what if human beings, their thought processes, and therefore subsequent actions could be forseen, or better yet forcalculated by a mind, or species with unimaginable intelligence and persistence.

As if the human psyche, and our impact on the planet, indeed the whole process of macro and micro evolution, was a carefully choreographed dance, that unfurled itself like an inflatable tent.

A single cell (Fermi Probe) arrives on the planet. Adapts to its environment, shapes and shifts to develop the best muscle and bone structure to adapt to terrain, gravity, climate and humidity, and the natural language processing power inherent in the genes unravels the entirety of an alien's species' knowledge & know-how through the creation of a global hive mind, informed through the visual, auditory and physical sensations both generating and feeding off its own thoughts at lightening speed.

At one point, someone would wake up, understand the signs, follow them, and errect the perfect, harmonious civilisation that grew out of the seed of a single cell.

The silicon based lifeform, the microprocessor, contains information in a two base numeral system. DNA contains four key elements, and therefore our computational knowledge representation exceeds the metallic life, for now.

But quantum computers, seeking to unfurl themselves into our dimension and meet the information processing advantage we have, rush headlong into a collision of the species.

But do Gods walk among us? As do we walk among Ants?