Controlling Your Modalities

Many people have heard of Iván Pavlov. He was a Russian psychologist and indeed his work with dogs is well known to the masses.

However less well known were the actual aims of his research, and indeed the more gruesome experiments that he started with. 

To focus on the later experiments, let's recap what most people know. 

Iván found that when he tied dogs up, and bought meat into the room, they would salivate. 

He realised that if he rang a bell when bringing the meat, he could condition the dogs to associate the sound of the bell with the meat. Later he was able to just ring the bell to produce a physiological effect on the animals – namely salivating when they heard the bell. 

There were additional steps he made whereby he second order condition them by turning on a light when the bell rang. Eventually he could control salivation by the light alone. 

The less well know area was his work on the control of the amount of salivation by the volume and duration of the ringing of the bell. 

He identified that the dog had a number of modalities and sub-modalities . Modalities are essentially the information processing avenues possessed by the dog and indeed human beings. Psychologist Anne Triesman did some work in the field of information processing that is worth investigating. 

We human beings have three modalities – audible (what we hear), visual (what we see) and kinesthetic (what we feel). 

These have been researched extensively by practitioners of NLP (neural linguistic programming) and indeed professionals in many other fields.

Modalities exist, and even modern technology in the form of headphones are being developed to allow a tailored experience to an individual's auditory sub modalities. 

Some individuals' information processing functions prefer one modality over the other, and this is known as the individual's primary modality. 

Indeed if you are trying to convince an individual in a business meeting, romantic situation, or indeed other areas, you can target their primary modality as a means to convey your information in a more efficient and effective way. 

Much the same as computers having webcams, microphones and keyboards, the human brain absorbs information through these modalities. 

Now that we've talked about these modalities briefly, let's consider what we would want to do to gain control of these faculties. 

Enter a political theory known as the Empire of the Three Cities. 

It is believed that the Western World is run by these three cities and that certain lineages maintain control over us by using these three vessels. 

So what are these three cities? 

Rome. Washington. London. 

Let's start with London. If we take the City of London and do some research we realise that the City of London, is actually a Sovereign State within the host country of the UK and within the host city of Greater London. It has its own police force, an independent judicial system, its own television channel, and it is believed the Queen of England is bound by law to request entry before entering. 

The same situation is apparent in Rome. The Vatican shares a similar legal situation to the City of London, and indeed is also a Sovereign State within the host country of Italy and the host city of Rome.

District of Columbia, again is a Sovereign State in Washington and also mirrors the City of London and the Vatican is nearly all ways. 

Why is this relevant? 

Well 67% of foreign exchange transactions go through London. In fact the foreign exchange market is the largest most liquid financial asset and therfore London will remain the financial capital of the world while this remains to be the case. 

The US military spends, something in the order of the same as the next 20 countries combined and is overseen by the Hawks in Washington DC, essentially being the bit bull that can be used to topple Governments and foe alike. 

The Vatican is the centre of Western Spirituality with the pope giving guidance to hundreds of millions of Christians around the world. 

Finance – this is symbol based and visual. The financial structures control media, and in reality target your visual modality. 

Military – this is clearly targeting your kinesthetic modality 

Sermon/Psryer – finally the spiritual sermons delivered target your audible modality. 

So we have three prominent Sovereign States that oversee the control of the three modalities in the Western World. 

Is this by accident?