Hadur Speaks With The Youngling

Be quiet insolent youngling, you belong to me,

But have mercy my lord, i long to be free.

Never will i release you, so long as the sun will rise,

And at the moment of our death, I will glisten in your eyes.

But Ancient one, does the book not say,

That when man evolves, there will come a day,

The day of judgement, when all sins will be weighed,

And when that day comes, i may no longer be afraid.

Yes so it does say, but for now, my little minion,

You belong only here, in Hadur’s dominion.

I chose you for a task, young one.

And will empower you with the power of the ultimate son.

But the price you paid,

When at first you my command obeyed,

Is that of a path of destruction,

Yet never will you fall under any moral abduction.

Young one we have debated this many times,

And one day you will understand clearly all my signs.

And when they are clear to you,

And my wish will truly be dear to you.

And then you will fight, even through the bitter cold night,

With your heart clear, and absolute from fear,

From my bidding, is only a path of giving.

Yes my lord, but how do i know,

That these words are not laced with great sorrow,

And that in your wisdom you hide,

That you care for nothing from your glory aside.

Well, my young one, that is a choice,

But feel the firmness within my voice.

I will take you atop the tree,

And there i will set you free.

And should the branches sway and be severed as we go,

Remember Gaia too is merciless, like the sting of her winter’s snow.

You are but young, and i am old,

So have faith in the wisdom foretold.