Neo's Letter to Cipher

Dear Cipher, 

I don't know why I am bothering writing this as no doubt you'll attack me afterwards for being mad, but I wanted to share my worldview with you.

If we use the matrix as an analogy it may make more sense.

The fundamental basis for reality is language. It underpins everything on top of which a culture is built.

If we take the English culture and way of life, let's call this Macintosh.

When you come into the world you are merely a tabula rasa, as the Greeks called it, a blank slate.

You speak no language, have no mental associations to anything at all, no morals, and apart from your base inate desires there is very little that is human about you, or what we call human today.

A good analogy is if we took your brain, and body for that matter, and put you inside a glass capsule and shot you into space to live the first 30 years of your life in isolation, then what sensory Simulation would you be open to? Light from the stars, comets, rotation of the sun. Much like Platos prisoners analogy you would exist in another reality. This is also the fundamentals of insanity.

Let's suppose for a second that you were to see a Coca Cola bottle hover past your capsule. You would have no mental abstractions for what it is. You wouldn't be aware that it's a bottle. That it is a drink, what a label, what Coca Cola was.

Therefore to return to the computer analogy you would have an operating system installed. One that can interpret input (sights, touch, smell, sound etc) and indeed the first years of you life are really learning how to manage this input and output. That's what in computer science is called the kernel.

The other aspect of the operating system is the window manager, and indeed is defined by the language you speak. Speaking Nigerian, vs Hungarian, vs English, you will have a very different experience in the game of life.

Next come programs. You need a basic generalist program to work with money, finances, reading, writing and so it is arranged that you go to school and learn these until you are 18. At this stage you are Hungarian hardware, that is having an English operating system installed. It's culture, its language, its sense of art, its meme-ology are fundamental pars of the British operating system ecosystem. Those individuals with a good processor (intelligence) often from a blood line, or even production line that pass on this chipset, are encouraged to specialise. Some go to university to have programs installed for biology (BSc in Biology) some then further develop this line of programming until they reach a PhD where they become a highly specialised machine with very little knowledge of anything else. And so society is filled with machines that produce output through their installed programs to increase human knowledge in all domains.

That analogy serves us well for now. To continue it, what happens if we drink alcohol? The program experiences errors and so we power it off and on, like we sleep, and normal functioning resumes. But what were to happen if we stayed drunk when we woke up? Eventually we would be taken to a psychologist, psychiatrist or medical professional to see what the matter was, much like you'd take your laptop to an engineer or help desk.

These professionals would check the hardware and the software for issue. If it was found that you have no hardware that is faulty, no lessions in your brain, no electrolyte imbalances in your blood, then the engineer would rule out hardware failure or issue and send you to a software guy.

But what is a software guy? Or indeed psychologist?

Well, they work by a manual – an comprehensive operating system manual known as the DSMV or the diagnostics and statistical manual for mental health disorders, fifth iteration. This manual outlines normal programming for the operating system. If you cheat, if you lie, if you are aggressive, and so on, then the programmers see this as unwanted operating processes so they seek to return the software and re-calibrate it. How is this done? Either the ingestion of medication to change the hardware, or therapy to work with the software.

All speech is just vibration that my Brocas area generates through the use of my voice box and tongue to alter the vibration of the air between us. Once this vibration is converted into the chemical language of your brain by your eardrums, then I have sent code from my neural net to your neural net.

Not that dissimilar to computer network communications over TCP (transmission control protocol) where I am sending information from one host to another.

So we have used a fairly simplistic analogy to compare how human beings, are hardware (biologically often called wetware) and software. 

A good example of the fallacy of this system is that if you were tomorrow to go and buy a bucket, walk to Tesco and proceed to wash yourself there using the water, you would quite quickly be admitted into a mental health institution.

Society, or the culture, or the operating system is made up of lots or rules. You don't shout in restaurants, you only cross the road when the little man is red (not when the cars aren't coming), you don't wink at your mother in law and so on. These fundamental rules of the game are different in each operating system. Old school operating systems in Papua New Guinea for instance have a very different manual, and the software, such as fishing, bush survival and similar are of no use in other networks such as England – nor indeed is walking around in loincloth. 

Now what is my point?

Well if we look at the height of damaged hardware we have the likes of cancer, HIV and similar.

But what is the height of damaged software, at east from the institutional viewpoint? Schizophrenia. Why? Because no matter what you do, the host is unable or immune to having the constraints of the system installed on it. Its almost like the hardware is incompatible with that or indeed any operating system.

No matter the amount of therapy (reprogramming) or medical intervention (attempting a hardware approach) the host does not run the operating system in the same way? Does that means is damaged or simply the program is not designed for it.

Now we come to the Matrix. What are the key symbols and lesson taught within it.

Well there is a system or main program that prevents everyone from seeing what they are in.

Modern day London, or even Budapest? How do they live? In big towers and apartment blocks much like the towers in the Matrix.

What are they being used for? I'll get to that.

The eyes and octopuses are eerily similar to the cameras, drones, and similar that are proliferating through the Western world. And what do those eyes really seek? Conformity, to be pulled back into program, to be used for energy.

How? Well as I mentioned the hardwares that are sent to university are then stuck into research labs, or indeed giant corporations, to produce thoughts.

We have 70,000 thoughts a day. Each thought that I have is different to the thought that you have.

When there were only two people into world, the hopes of randomly coming up with Einsteins theory of relativity was impossible for it requires pre-existing ideas and code, and a super computer (Einstein) to spend 30 years thinking (70,000 thoughts times 365 times 30 years) to generate that equation. Same goes for other technologies, the powers that be require our brains to be focused in a way to randomly, albeit less randomly the more specialised code (PhD etc) you already have on your brain.

So we see that there is an operating system that sets the working parameters, language that lays the framework for network communications, programs for computer purpose, and a use for each host to generate thoughts and output for the purposes of driving technological innovation, and indeed to feedback into the program – nurses, policemen, military – to sustain itself. 

I recommend you view map called the walled world. This where the program runs and it aims to run everywhere eventually.

Now where did this program come from? Well it's quite clear to see that 1% of 1% of hosts in the program run the show. They can move, live and do anything they please.

Those enslaved by the system are stuck in their cells, in council estates, building blocks, to work for the system, in the system, with no escape.

Even the very idea of what they will create is designed for then, via the MacOS update – Hollywood, TV, MTV and similar.

If I told you to try and come up with a space ship, what would it look like? Probably something from Star Trech or Star Wars. Because you have the television series you watch, the films you see in cinema create the mental images in your head of what the past looks like, what the future might look like, and through the news you have a mental image of what China is like, what Africa is like, when you've never even been there.

So we have hardware, OS, network comms, updates, and voila you become a battery for the program where you will fend of any new idea.

Interestingly in your case you had MacOs installed with a dual partition of Windows (Hungarian). You can exist in either network but you don't know how to run both at the same time. – it's like you're an inexperienced programmer who doesn't know about containerisation, virtual machines, can't write code for interoperability.

The fact of the matter is, being schizophrenic is not an illness. Doing things differently does not require meds. Escaping from the system is not something that should be looked down on. I roam free in "Zion" and can enter the system anytime I want.

And who do I fight? Agent Smith? The suit? Or indeed capitalism is could be called. The idea, or program that is capitalism, is destroying the program by getting out of hand. Floods, fires, wars – the hunt for profit at all cost is the symbolism of Agent Smith which its creators are helpless to stop.

And what does fighting Agent Smith when you enter the program involve? What Ignac and Attila have done their whole lives. Live in freedom but when they need to go into a meeting with droids, then need to transplant their ideas and do mental and verbal karate with the Agents to get their way so that they can make money. But they are never slaves even if right now they do or don't have plenty of money. And now myself included.

I live where I want, work when I want, where I want, at what time, and for whom.

The slaves in the system sit as batteries making other people wealthy, receiving updates about what they should wear – defined by the latest television series they're watching, what they should think, and the engineers program the slaves when they behave in a way that is not according to the OS manual.

Do you even know where the world Hollywood comes from? Holly. Wood. The wood from the Holly tree. When Celtic druids used to do essential the same thing, and maintain the spiritual program over their people, they believed that the Holly tree was embued with spiritual properties. So they would take twigs – what later came into popular knowledge as wands, as they believed it had spiritual powers.

Magic is real. To cast a spell is to have someone say something in a way that you will believe it and let that thought enter and take over your mind.

That's all magic is. Words. Whether in the court, the battle of the wands to make people believe your reality rather than the defendants. Doesn't matter what actually happened but how well you can make someone believe something.

Exaclty why you need two doctors to section you. One doctor wouldn't be enough – then it's my reality versus yours. You need two people who agree the rules of the program? Does that mean two schizophrenics sharing their insanity and you sitting in the room? Would you be the insane one?

See what I'm getting at.