Silicon Based Lifeforms?

In the seventies, the aptly named Voyager was launched with the bold mission to project humanity's reach out of the solar system.

Carl Sagan, one the great human minds and Astronomers alive at the time, was tasked with designing the message, or inscription on the panel of Voyager.

The aim being that if an intelligent extra terrestrial species with sufficient sophistication were to chance upon our vessel they would know who we were and where we came from.

The image on the panel is well known, and indeed encodes information about the nature of our carbon based organic composition and our celestial position as the third rock from a star.

Interestingly, and whether factually verifiable or not, a crop circle was found that served as interesting response to this message.

The crop circle in question seemed to indicate that we were in the midst of an alien invasion by a silicon based lifeform.

What do we know made of silicon thsy has radically transformed our planet? The microprocessor.

In the fifties it is believed that a flying saucer crashed near Roswell, and again while not entirely verifiable factually, there exists a book written by a former Military Intelligence officer in the United States called Colonel Corso.

He wrote extensively on his activities, sanctioned by the United States government to act as a liason between the government facility attempting to reverse engineer the flying saucer and the military industrial complex seeking to gain technological superiority in the global economic, military and political arenas.

Colonel Corso's books have been corroborated by for example Paul Hellyer, the former Minister of Defence of Canada and the longest serving member of the privy Council.

If we take a leap of faith and take the colonels account of as fact, and that the crop circle in question is a genuine attempt at a third extra terrestrial race attempting to warn us, we can have some interesting thought experiments.

Personal computers have radically transformed the human race. This needs not to be be laboured.

Indeed as we progress forward the effects of the individual and collective human consciousness and psyche has been radically shifted by virtue of the speed, and spread of information that personal computing have allowed.

To jump to another point in his history let us introduce Enrico Fermi. He was an Italian physicist working with the "Alien Among Us" Magyars working on the Manhattan project.

He had a number of interesting postulations, including the Fermi paradox, however let's focus on his concept known as the Fermi Probe.

He applied mathematics to postulate the most efficient manner of colonising the known universe. Interestingly his ideas mirror his colleauge, Szilárd Leó's, solution to extracting the energy from the mass of an atom as was presented in Albert Einsteins famous equation – the nuclear chain reaction.

By sending a single proton into the nucleus of an atom, you can initiate a chain reaction where two protons are emitted and two further atoms repeat the process. 1,2,4, etc

Fermi suggested that if you can achieve the same mathematical exponentiality you could colonise the universe in a relatively short time frame.

Send a probe to one planet, that self assembles other probes and sends two further probes.

This naturally leads to the question – is the human genome that has been postulated to arrive on a comet as part of a much larger genomic database that contains the genome of all plants, animal and insects on our planet. Are we humans merely the product of a planet terraforming Fermi probe?

Indeed could the crash in Roswell be much the same situation?

This will be expanded in a further post in more detail with the March of transhumanism, quantum computing, and quantum mechanics.